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BlockSolid Paving Advice & Tips for successful Landscaping

At BlockSolid Paving we are committed to each and every project we take on.

It is very important to us that the client is comfortable with the advice we give throughout the duration of the project, and beyond.

Each Project we take on is always different from the last.
Whilst we can of course advise you on choice of materials to use on your proposed project, the final choice and decision ultimately lies with you.

Careful planning will help you decide whether it may be better to contrast than to compliment or vice versa. If you are still undecided we can provide samples of different materials.

Whatever road you choose of course, you want your project to stand the test of time. BlockSolid have no hesitation in advising you that the best way to do this is through maintaining it!

Here are some advice and tips to help you achieve the perfect outcome;

Plan Early

You should always plan your project early. This will achieve the best results. At BlockSolid Paving, we always make sure that our projects are planned down to ther finest details before any work begins. Be very wary of contractors who can start tomorrow.

The best price isnít always right

Don't decide purely on price Ė it may be the difference between a half decent job and an outstanding one. Make sure you see job examples before you commit to anything....would you buy a car without first driving it?!

Always ask for written confirmation

It is very important to ask for written confirmation, detailing the scope of work being proposed. This is vital to both parties, as it also gives you the chance to implement specific requests before work begins.

Never overlook drainage

Last on our list of advice, but just as important, if not more, as the rest above: Almost all projects will require some sort of drainage system to control or prevent the collection of water on your driveway, patio or against your home.
This may be through surface drainage or sub-surface drainage. Here at BlockSolid Paving we will take time to assess and explain this to you in full giving you total peace of mind.

Look for the whole package

You should be looking for the whole package, and more. Not only should you get a first class finish, but first class preparation and everything else inbetween. BlockSolid Paving will deliver this, consistently.

We are Marshalls Approved Contractors

Being Marshalls Approved Contractors allows us to offer utmost peace of mind through our workmanship and materials Guarantee. We offer quality and more on all installations.
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Visit our Portfolio & Case Studies Area

The perfect way to visualise, plan and design your perfect project is to visit our portfolio and case study area, where you can see examples of all our services.
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