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BlockSolid Paving Case Studies

Below are some case studies which show the level of workmanship, skill and attention to detail offered by BlockSolid Paving. Each project had different criteria, problems and solutions.

BlockSolid have provided some ideas for you below which show the preparation that goes into achieving great and lasting results. We have many more ideas in our portfolio that may be more suitable to your proposed project. We can of course discuss this with you further, we'd be delighted to hear from you!

Click on the images to see larger versions, which will appear in a new pop-up window. From there hover your mouse over the larger image, then use the 'next' button to scroll through the pictures.

BlockSolid Case Study - Award Winning Total Transformation

Award Winning Total Transformation. Back Garden was a no go area due to poor condition of grass due to poor ground and poor drainage. We installed drainage and removed poor ground. Bespoke Natural stone circle detail with border and random size Natural stone paving was then installed. The project was finsihed off with Marshalls 30mm artificial grass which has allowed us to claim back the back garden.
Before Before - terrible drainage Before - drainage going in Before - removal of poor ground Before After After After After After After After

BlockSolid Case Study 1 - Driveway and Back Garden Project

A Complete Landscape Service. The client was looking for an installation that would compliment new and existing features of their home. More importantly, they needed a team that could work with the existing difficult levels, provide excellent sound advice and deliver the first class finish they were looking for.
First things first: Which block? Which colour? What pattern? To compliment the house? Or. To contrast? BlockSolid Paving invited the client to visit us on our existing project. The old Driveway, wasn’t wide enough and had a camber on the tarmac which had to be addressed for drainage reasons: the levels couldn’t have been tighter Every level had to be taken into account. The existing manhole chamber: among the first. The kerbing begins with subtle level changes to deal with future surface water/levels The preparations continue, and when you are able to, adjust to suit your project/installation. The new recess tray is set to new level and square to suit block and pattern. BlockSolid always Lay geo-textile permeable membrane on all installation, where required, and cut to suit. New Steps required. The level of the kerbing and the level of the aco-drainage system used on this project need to work hand in hand. The Concrete sand is “wacked” and the “screeding” begins Planning ahead always prepares you for the perfect finish Our Attention to detail separates BlockSolid Paving from all others First class cutting involving subtle differences. View from rear of Driveway. Taking shape. Laid at 90 degrees and at 45 degree herring bone patterns Caravan on Driveway. One Aco-drainage channel system does all! Perfect level achieved. New Tegula walling and Saxon Mocha steps built to compliment Vintage Paving. Extra time spent preparing curves and radii, give project the 'wow' factor.
All cuts, lines and levels...True. Project complete. All request boxes ticked, and more. Site left Immaculate

Driveway & Back Garden Project - Design to Installation, High Burnside, Glasgow

A Complete Landscape Service.
The client was looking for a contractor that could provide a complete service involving: Design, Communication, Personal Supervision, Fencing, Drainage, Patio and Driveway Installation and Attention to Detail
Back garden Project prior to excavation View from rear of garden. Excess materials to be transported to front of client’s premises for removal Good communication with the client prior to and during the project helps deliver a first class installation 1.8 metre high, double panel fence in first. Then on to: setting out. Wooden sleepers instantly soften the landscape. The octant feature providing extended living space for family and friends to enjoy Rotating and preparing the ground for new topsoil. Traditional Tegula edging for new lawn to tie into Drainage required Taking shape Field drainage system: implemented Permeable membrane, pea gravel, trench is backfilled. Drainage in, ready for the new lawn Front Driveway prior to excavation Marshalls Tegula Drivesett: colour: Pennat Grey with Drivesett kerbing Recess tray required due to existing manhole chamber between Driveway and Garden project Attention to detail by BlockSolid Paving. The topsoil has arrived Spreading and levelling the topsoil for the turf The new lawn areas Photo by Marie-Pierre 3.3 m diameter Saxon Octant, laid to true level New Driveway, new kerb-line, new lawn area New Level Driveway threshold. Tarmac re-instatement A whole new extension to enjoy Sunflowers Project complete. Site left immaculate.

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BlockSolid Case Study 3 - Driveway, Step Feature & Outdoor Lighting

Marshalls Tegula Drivesett: Mix of Traditional with Pennant Grey, with Tegula kerbing; Traditional Tegula walling/Chancery paving for step features. Accessory: Outdoor lighting
Old Tarmac Driveway, prior to Driveway installation Crazy paving and steps from dining area in need of up-grade Pre-formed concrete steps to be transformed into a step feature to compliment proposed project Kerbing and driveway underway: Cables buried to correct depth and set out according to planning/discussion. Side steps in, Kerbing forming perimeter of landscape. View from front lawn area View from top of Driveway. Driveway laid true to line with camber to suit existing landscape Side view of Traditional and Pennant Grey mix. Perfect height of kerbing and lighting at measured intervals. View form bottom of Driveway. Tegula kerbing forming threshold between new Tarmac re-instatement and new Driveway Transformation almost complete Great choice of lighting by the client: Subtle. Lights installed to true levels: Vital
Beautiful roses/soft landscape to compliment our installation View from top of steps. Curves to enhance the project and change of angle to make the project flow. New steps built with Tegula walling to compliment the Driveway. Great choice with the Brick edge finish and Chancery Cap New view/approach to main entry of house.Curves: Attention to Detail through finishing cuts Straights: Attention to detail Site left clean and tidy Lights on....Transformation complete

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BlockSolid Case Study 4 - Complex Driveway on a slope

Burnt Ochre, round top edging. Engineering Difficulty. Drainage paramount. Attention to cutting Detail
Difficult project due to extremity of gradient towards the client’s house Retaining wall going in. Setting out begins. Membrane down. Kerbing in. Drainage paramount. Planning ahead always pays dividends Preparation is everything. Sand screeded 90 degree herringbone pattern Recess tray set to level, cutting in and around begins Set and cut to perfection Radii border cut to perfection Linear drainage system x 2 required Driveway enhancement installed Linear drainage system complete Border in View from garage View from pavement: Project Complete. Client delighted Difficult engineering project. Great results. Gradient, drainage paramount, cutting and attention to detail. All boxes ticked Difficult engineering project. Great results. Gradient, drainage paramount, cutting and attention to detail. All boxes ticked Difficult engineering project. Great results. Gradient, drainage paramount, cutting and attention to detail. All boxes ticked

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BlockSolid Maintenance and Repairs

BlockSolid provide a first class maintenance service on Driveways and Patios installed by our company. We also provide a remedial/repair service on bad workmanship provided by others.
The pictures below are of various projects we have maintained and repaired for various clients throughout the Greater Glasgow area.
Maintenance of Driveway part of project. Before Each Block and joint cleaned individually Re-sand every joint with dry kiln sand. Re-compact paving with vibrating plate if required Driveway as good as new with true levels. 4 years later Maintenance of beautiful sandstone pillars and finial at Driveway entrance, and random size dressed sandstone walling. As good as new Professional maintenance service Old cobbles granite sett entrance. Before Cobbles entrance as good as new with true levels. 4 years later Hand pointed Indian Sandstone circle feature with Walling feature. Before During After, with hand pointed coloured mortar pointing intact in walling and in sandstone paving Driveway in urgent need of repair Lift entire area. New Kerb line to hold in drive. Re-screed sand, re-cut. New header course. Re-sand and re-compact BlockSolid Paving professional repair service Poor example of Recess tray in need of repair. Sinking due to poor foundations. Not cut true to line. Unsafe Reset manhole cover true to level and true to line. Using correct material, engineering brick. Reset square to Drive. Cut in, true to level. BlockSolid Paving professional repair service. Safe

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Anything is possible with BlockSolid Paving. We provide a unique Driveway solution for all budgets.

Marshalls Drivesett Argent Graphite

Marshalls Tegula Drivesett Harvest, soft.

Marshalls Driveline 50 Pewter Multi

Marshalls Tegula Drivesett Pennant Grey with Tegula Kerbing Traditional

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Driveway Entrances

Enhance your driveway entrance with BlockSolid Paving

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Patios & Landscaping

Traditional or modern. Make the most of your garden. Extend and enjoy your living space.

3 Ring Marshalls Saxon Octant, Saxon Buff paving, random size. Marshalls Tegula Drivesett small edging Traditional

Old Mill Brick Walling, Saxon Coping, Saxon Edging, Saxon Paving, Weeping Cherry tree feature

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Step features, lighting & recess trays

Here are some more photos from our portfolio of other services BlockSolid provide. Services that give any project that wow factor....and all carried out with the utmost attention to detail.

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